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Did You Know?
Exercise regularly, but not too close to bedtime.
The best part of waking up - a good night's sleep
Is Your Teen Getting Enough Sleep?

The National Sleep Foundation and Sleep for Life, Inc., urge parents to watch for the following warning signs that their teenage children may not be getting the sleep they need:

  • Do you have to wake your child for school and is it difficult to do so?
  • Has a teacher mentioned that your child is sleepy or tired during the day?
  • Do you find your child falling asleep while doing homework?
  • Is your child sleeping two hours later or more on weekends than on school nights?
  • Is your child’s behavior different on days that he/she gets a good night’s sleep compared to days that he/she doesn’t sleep well?
  • Does your child rely on a caffeinated drink in the morning to wake up and/or drink two or more caffeinated drinks a day?
  • Does your child routinely nap for more than 45 minutes